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VAVE / Engineering Testing

A large industrial OEM who had started working with XFINIO on new product development asked that XFINIO look at one of their mature product lines to determine if any cost reductions were possible if the production was moved to XFINIO.  However, there was a substantial constraint.  The OEM’s engineers required that XFINIO’s devices be qualified prior to implementation, and due to the age of the product line, qualification protocols for these devices were nonexistent.  Corporate ROI targets and upper management priorities prohibited the already strained engineers from dedicating any time into developing the needed protocols.


XFINIO’s cross functional team immediately stepped in.  Within the SRT Laboratories, they developed testing protocols and conducted performance tests on the existing device in order establish performance benchmarks.  The protocols and results were then reviewed by the OEM’s engineers.

Within a short period of time, XFINIO had developed a new design with improved manufacturability that provided the desired cost savings to the OEM while maintaining the required performance.  XFINIO conducted 90% of the qualification testing of the new device under observation of the OEM’s engineering team.

By establishing credibility with the OEM and leveraging its own resources, XFINIO was able to overcome time and resource constraints at the OEM and still provide a better product with cost savings to their customer.

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