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A large industrial OEM customer had been dealing with persistent quality issues related to a separations device utilized in their flagship product.  The device was warping and leaking in service due to an inadequate design as well as the effects of their harsh fluids on the polymer housing.  Debris generated from the device’s method of manufacture was causing line shutdowns in the field resulting in a massive number of returns to the OEM.  In desperation, they implemented expensive makeshift solutions to strengthen the device and began outsourcing portions of the manufacturing process in an attempt to reduce debris.  Having knowledge of XFINIO’s expertise, the OEM finally reached out for help.

Predicate Assy Sim1.JPG

Using FEA and SRT Laboratory testing, XFINIO was able to reshape the device and develop a custom-blended polymer that could withstand high pressures and chemical attacks.  By relocating manufacturing to XFINIO, XFINIO was able to utilize its own in-house laser-welding technology to eliminate any manufacturing debris caused by most other joining techniques.  XFINIO also implemented their IMPASS™ system at the outlet of the device, which removes any remaining debris entrained in the fluids.


The results of working with XFINIO:

  • Reduction of quality issues with >99.995% conformity

  • Elimination of warranty returns to the OEM with 0 reported field failures to date

  • 100% on-time delivery

In addition to the reduced cost of poor quality and the elimination of the expensive add-ons needed on the original device, XFINIO was even able to provide an outright cost savings by offering their device at a lower price than the incumbent supplier.

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