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A partnership with XFINIO can provide many advantages to Industrial OEMs looking to improve quality and delivery and provide greater value to their own customers.  Leverage XFINIO's know-how from decades of experience in filtration and separations across a range of markets and industries.

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XFINIO's design engineers have spent most of their careers in separations technologies and have invested in the latest tools for modeling, prototyping, and testing.  Design for manufacturing is top-of-mind for every project to ensure smooth transition to production.



XFINIO's production system uses modern modular assembly spaces, including Class 10,000 clean rooms, ensuring efficient use of space and protection of each customers propietary products.  XFINIO's manufacturing engineers have access to the most advanced assembly techniques, including laser welding, ultrasonic welding, thermal welding, plastic sintering, and an array of integrity testing methods.

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XFINIO has developed relationships with a broad list of suppliers across the globe giving access to a range of options, from cutting edge materials made by industry leading companies to reliable, cost-effective sources to best accomplish the objectives of OEM partners.  Advances made in XFINIO's SRT Laboratories also add to the pool of available technology offerings, giving a competitive advantage to XFINIO's OEM partners.

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XFINIO works with its OEM partners to develop customized inventory programs to ensure access to product, on-time delivery, and the most effective use of resources.

OEM Case Studies


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Performance Improvement / TCO Reduction 

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Engineering Testing

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Engineering Materials

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