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Liquid and Gas Optimized Filtration Technology

XFINIO’s filter media design technologists have engineered novel innovations in filtration element configurations which can provide in-service efficiencies, online life extensions and overall cost benefits for real filtration operations optimization.

PROPEL™ microfiber filter media are available in efficiencies ranging from 0.1 micron to greater than 100 microns with diverse media compositions which correlate to the required thermal and chemical compatibilities for specific applications.


The PROPEL™ X-CORE Waste Reduction Series filtration modules have been specifically designed with a mindset of value-delivery for a filtration operation by delivering the lowest overall filtration cost by maximizing effective, online life while minimizing waste and disposal costs.

Typical Application Candidates for PROPEL™: 

  • Produced and Disposal Water Injection

  • Recirculating Amines and Glycols

  • Molecular Sieve Fines

  • Hydrotreater Catalyst Feed Streams

  • Refinery Pre-custody Transfer Fuel Purification

  • Reverse-Osmosis Pretreatment

  • Boiler Feedwater

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