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High-Performance Liquid-Gas Separation Technology

XCEL™ Liquid-Gas Separator Technology is an advanced entrained liquids separations system for purification of gas processing systems.  Unabated liquid and particulate aerosol contamination in gas processing operations results in persistent process fouling and instabilities which commonly result in severe losses in plant productivity and lost opportunities.

Extensive research and development efforts by XFINIO’s Scientific, Research and Testing (SRT)  Laboratories involving material science innovations and proprietary flow-modeling techniques have yielded a liquids separation capability with unparalleled liquids separation efficiency while simultaneously minimizing operational differential pressure losses.


Systems Protected by XCEL™ Include:

  • Compressors and Turbines

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Amine and Glycol

  • Molecular Sieves and Catalysts

  • Gas Separation Membranes

  • Process Heaters

  • Gas Measurement Devices

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